We invest in entrepreneurs
solving meaningful problems

Seed Focused

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Industry Agnostic


At Third Prime, our mission is to utilize our time, reputation and capital to drive positive change. We partner with companies displaying an unwavering commitment to integrity and a determination to improve the well-being of all its stakeholders.

Our firm grounds its actions and investments on five pillars:
1. Purpose that is greater than expanding profitability
2. Progress that moves humankind forward
3. Respect for all stakeholders, including the planet
4. Fairness that promotes merit-based outcomes
5. Transparency into process and internal thought

These five pillars are rooted in our name – five being the “third prime” number. These are not just ideals or words to create warm and fuzzy thoughts. These are imperatives to how we operate and hold ourselves accountable to our partners and community.


We bring diverse and complementary skills and a determination to help our companies succeed.

Our team is purpose-built to drive value in our portfolio by providing on-the-ground resources, strategic advice and transactional expertise. We are comprised of entrepreneurs, former private equity and hedge fund investment professionals, lawyers and marketers. We pride ourselves on post-investment support and building trusted relationships with our companies that increase the probability of successful outcomes.


Managing Partner

Bank of America
Trimaran Capital
Trian Partners

Western Kentucky (summa), Duke Law


Managing Partner

Pan Am Equities
Hammerline Capital

Harvard Law



Morgan Stanley
The Carlyle Group
Diker Management
Magnetar Capital

UC Berkeley


Operating Partner

Levelwing (Co-Founder)
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year TM
Inc. 500/500 (x4)

Western Kentucky University


Operating Partner

Levelwing (Co-Founder)
News Corp
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the YearTM
Inc. 500/500 (x4)

Western Kentucky University


Research Associate

LSU Residential Life
The Marketing Directors

Louisiana State University


ATLAS / Providing banking services for the financially underserved

Bench / America’s largest bookkeeping service for small businesses

Bounce Exchange / Behavioral marketing automation software and analytics

Curacity / Content marketing platform for the travel industry

Debtsy / Resolving your account as stress-free as possible

For Days / Zero waste, closed-loop apparel company

GameCo / The world’s first skill-based video game gambling machines

Jingle Punks / Award-winning full-service audio creative agency

Latch / Open and manage every door from a smartphone

Loanstreet / Revolutionizing the loan market

Naborly / Free credit and background checks for landlords and tenants

NewtonX / Knowledge access platform

Octane Lending / Point-of-sale financing platform

Petal / Providing credit for the underserved

Phase Change Energy Solutions / Redefinining energy-efficiency via technology

Playsight / AI-driven sports technology platform

Reside / Real estate technology platform connecting top agents, buyers and sellers

SeedInvest / Equity crowdfunding platform

Spruce / Making real estate title and escrow services transparent

TemperPack / Sustainable thermal packaging

The New Primal / High-integrity foods and condiments

Whosay / Influencer marketing platform

Zipdrug / Making the pharmacy experience simple and affordable

10 years as a private equity and hedge fund professional at Trimaranand Trianinvesting in private and public companies across diverse industries.

3 years as a M&A lawyer at Skadden Arps negotiating and structuring transactions and advising on corporate governance.

Co-founder of 2 successful businesses in lending and retail/e-commerce.

Western Kentucky University(summa)

Duke Law

Hometown:  Glasgow, Kentucky

6 years as a M&A lawyer at SkaddenArps negotiating and structuring the acquisition, financing and sale of private companies.

9 years at HammerlineCapital developing condominium and self-storage properties and acquiring distressed hospitality assets.

7 years at Pan Am Equities managing alternative asset portfolios and direct private equity investments.

Duke University

Harvard Law

Hometown:  Long Island, New York