Sticky Columns Project

Project Overview

From conception to execution, we rebuilt their entire marketing strategy and identity.

  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • NY Design Award
  • Design Ape
  • Illustrata
  • Warhol Inc
  • March 2017

The Identity

Sticky columns is a great way of telling a story. Alternate the columns as the users scrolls down the page, bringing focus to different sections and particular features. Build an engaging layout to showcase your project from start to finish.

The Advertising

This section showcases the redesign process. Insert a video, a thumbnail with a video link, images, or any other shortcode of your choice.

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  • Charcoal


  • Granite Grey


  • White


10 years as a private equity and hedge fund professional at Trimaranand Trianinvesting in private and public companies across diverse industries.

3 years as a M&A lawyer at Skadden Arps negotiating and structuring transactions and advising on corporate governance.

Co-founder of 2 successful businesses in lending and retail/e-commerce.

Western Kentucky University(summa)

Duke Law

Hometown:  Glasgow, Kentucky

6 years as a M&A lawyer at SkaddenArps negotiating and structuring the acquisition, financing and sale of private companies.

9 years at HammerlineCapital developing condominium and self-storage properties and acquiring distressed hospitality assets.

7 years at Pan Am Equities managing alternative asset portfolios and direct private equity investments.

Duke University

Harvard Law

Hometown:  Long Island, New York